Wildwood Days

According to the Ocean City Sentinel newspaper, Bobby Rydal is singing at Morey’s Pier tonight. When Mary read this, she squealed with delight because Bobby was her favorite "teen idol" singer. An hour later Mary’s bag was packed and she was cruising down Route 9 in her Chevy Bel Air. The radio blared to WIBG music as she headed for Wildwood by the Sea, NJ.

A short while later Mary pulled up to the Ebb Tide Motel where she would spend the night. There on the motel’s steps was Bobby practicing for tonight’s performance. Mary was star-struck but Bobby was even more stunned by this groovy beauty dressed in a tagged Mary Hoyer turquoise, black and white print dress. Bobby promised her a front row seat at tonight’s gig, likely so he could keep an eye on this groovy Ocean City beauty. All Mary could say was “This is better than cool”.

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