Easter Parade and Easter Chocolates

Left side picture - It's l949 and Mother and her two young daughters parade on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Something seems to be distracting the younger daughter, could it be Peter Cotton Tail hopping down the boardwalk? This photo was taken in front of the Marlboro Blenheim Hotel.

Right side picture - It's l952 and Mother and her two young daughters sit on an Ocean City boardwalk bench. Just moments ago the trio won the Best Dressed Family on the boardwalk award and the girls were given big chocolate Easter bunnies. What a memory. This photo was taken at 7th Street and Plymouth Place, just doors away from the Mary Hoyer Store.

The mink wrap worn by Mother is now worn by our Mary Hoyers, thanks to the handy work of one of our favorite doll seamstress' Petite Modiste'. You will find the mink, hat and muff on several photos in this gallery.