Dancing Cheek to Cheek


Mary is dressed for her movie role as Ginger Rogers in one of the classic all time favorites Top Hat. She looks radiant in a tagged blue taffeta gown layered in sheer pale pink netting with silver metallic trim; perfect for twirling on the dance floor with Fred Astaire. Mary’s undergarments and silver sandals are highlighted by the reflective mirror.

Heaven…I’m in heaven and my heart beats so…. Mary keeps warm in a tagged rabbit fur stole with matching headpiece. For her screen presentation, Mary’s hair has been restyled in the classic look of the day, tight curls accented in back with a blue cameo… so fitting for her role in this Ginger Rogers movie. Click to play the music. Click to view the back of the stole.


Ensemble by Mary Hoyer
Coiffure by Wanda