Here Comes The Bride

This beautiful candlelight bridal satin gown can only be described as breathtaking, showing the refined elegance of the Mary Hoyer line. The waist falls into a circular skirt with underskirt featuring a deep border of sheer nylon permanent pleated ruffles. The Berkshire pleated fabric is a trademark of the original Hoyer line. The back of the gown is framed by an elegant bustle, very fashionable in the 50's. Finally, Mary wears a fancy garter, which will be tossed into the air by Billy Hoyer. The close up portrait of Mary shows the stunning beauty of her face, considered to be the most beautiful doll of the 40’s and 50’s. She wears a soft veil of tulle netting, accented with a crown of lace and crystal, which highlights her face. Click to play the music.

Designed by Mary Hoyer